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The short answer would be yes. But we know, you wouldn’t be satiated with such a short response. Here’s our take on what makes smartwatches a smart investment.

While a major chunk of the population is turning towards adopting newer technologies, there still exists a part of the populace who is skeptical about its usage, benefits and most importantly, whether or not its worth investing.

The biggest breakthrough in the technological sector- Bluetooth smartwatches are just one of the stepping stones towards adopting new technologies.

Long gone are the days when these fitness trackers were associated with just tracking the number of steps and calories burned, now they are taking over more and more functions.

To end this debate of whether smartwatches are worth investing or not, let’s list features that make Bluetooth smartwatches what they are!

Notification accessibility (!):

The biggest feature a Bluetooth smartwatch offers to you is showing all your notifications right on your wrist. 

Checking your phone while you’re sitting in a meeting or out on a date, can seem plain rude and inconsiderate. This is where your savior comes to the rescue! 

Looking at a notification right on your wrist is not only discrete but is also a faster process since you no longer have to go through the hassle of checking your phone now and then.

For instance, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 and NoiseFit Fusion, both smartwatches show all your notifications right on your smartwatch screen.

Now when you need to check whether an important mail came in or need to see if your Instagram post was liked by the one person you posted it for- with one ping you can just see what needs to be done.  


Since we’ve been referring to Bluetooth smartwatches as ‘fitness trackers’; allow us to do justice to the mention.

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 allows you to track 9 different sports modes. So no matter what your kind of exercise may be-running, hiking or yoga, the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 helps you track it all. Moreover, it even helps you track your menstrual cycle!

Not to forget, the NoiseFit Fusion smartwatch offers sedentary alarms to give you that little push to get up at 6 A.M and got to the gym, every day and allows you to set your personalized fitness goals.

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2, furthermore, offers a ‘breathe mode’ which helps you unwind after a day of back to back meetings or long coaching and test hours!

Not just the Noise ColorFit PRO 2 and NoiseFit Fusion, but the NoiseFit Evolve also has hydration reminders because who doesn’t want clear skin!

24/7 heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring, calories burned and step counting are another set of fitness features these babies offer making them your personal health coach!

Battery Life:

The biggest advantage and one of the major reasons to purchase a Bluetooth smartwatch would be the battery life it has to offer.

Sure, one can argue that analog watches go even longer with a simple battery change once every few months but the important thing to realize here is that analog watches do not offer any of the features that a Bluetooth smartwatch does.

One definitely needs to charge a smartwatch, however in comparison to what it does for you only seems too little to do.

Moreover, most Bluetooth smartwatches offer a pretty decent battery life.

The Noise ColorFit PRO 2 can go more than 1 week without charging!

Not only this but the NoiseFit Fusion, a Bluetooth smartwatch that works in analog AND digital mode possesses a battery life of 30 days in analog and 3 days in digital mode. 

Versatile, Stylish, Comfortable:

Bluetooth smartwatches are one of the most versatile tech devices. Let’s say you go to the gym in the morning and directly have to attend a meeting further on.

You require a watch that helps in tracking your workout and looks classy and professional as well.

No worries, the NoiseFit Fusion comes to your rescue! The vintage look of the Bluetooth smartwatch and its fitness tracking tendencies make it your perfect partner.

And talking about style, carrying a Bluetooth smartwatch could never have been a greater style statement than in the present era. For all our Instagram influencers out there, Bluetooth smartwatches are being fashioned in various different colors to go with your outfits. Go on, get the perfect shot, because not only is the sky blue, but so is your Noise ColorFit PRO 2!

Even the NoiseFit Fusion is offered in 3 different colors- classic black, vintage brown, and of course the everyone’s favourite rose gold!

And if we go through all the aforementioned pointers, it all boils down to one- comfort.

Getting notifications, attending calls, pre-set replies to messages, controlling music, getting a fitness coach all in one device that too, with magnificent battery life and exquisite looks is something that should make one switch from the traditional watch bandwagon to the smart life.

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