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The weekend is here and we deserve it. And for those of you trapped indoors, I have some excellent counter-programming: The Case Of The Missing Hit, the instant-classic podcast episode Reply All put out this week. It relates to ’90s alt-rock but I don’t wanna spoil anything, so just listen…

Your best and worst comments from this hell week are below.


#3  bakedbeans
Score:52 | Mar 11th

If you were reading a hyper-contemporary, hyper-online novel about our dark dark age, this would be too on-the-nose and absurd seeming.

Posted in: Truly The Darkest Timeline


#5  tomcl09
Score:-26 | Mar 7th

because maybe he was promoting unsavory characters in a way that showed them positively when there is very little positive about them? im really just spit balling here, because i havent listening to much of his catalog so i cant comment of whether he should, but it seems conceivable to me that there would be a proper time and place for a songwriter changing or omitting lyrics or even whole songs even if they arent autobiographical.

Posted in: Nick Cave Addresses Whether He’ll Change Problematic Old Lyrics


Score:16 | Mar 10th

Honestly the economic impact is what I’m more worried about than the straight-up pandemic side of things. This is the biggest crisis in the tourism industry since 9/11, and abrupt unemployment – especially for service workers like janitorial staff, security guards, kitchen workers, food vendors and drivers – can be financially devastating, and make getting health insurance and care impossible. I think there will be a lot of deaths caused by coronavirus that we never actually tie to the virus itself: people whose sudden unemployment has pushed them into the poverty trap of not getting prompt preventative care for other health issues, people who end up homeless as they lose the ability to pay their rent, people with conditions exacerbated by stress that take lethal turns. The slow tragedy of “I lost my job and then my life spun out of control” doesn’t make headlines but it’s devastating for many families, and the tourism industry is not only huge, but sustains entire nations.

Posted in: SXSW 2020 Cancellation Prompts Layoffs

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