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Not to take away from Fetch The Bolt Cutters, but this was Trapt’s week. Two million six hundred thousand Pandora streams can’t be wrong.


#10  vails
Score:46 | Apr 10th

Line of the Day: Lots of good ones, so as usual, I’ll go with the one that made me laugh out loud:

“There’s a part where Streisand sings, “No truth is ever a lie.” And it’s like: Well, yes, that is true. But also: what?”

Posted in: The Number Ones: Barbra Streisand’s “Woman In Love”
#7  SrCarto
Score:48 | Apr 15th

That night in December 1980, I was in bed, falling asleep to music on my transistor radio, as I often did. The music was interrupted with the announcement that John Lennon had been murdered. I was stunned and numbed. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t stay in bed and fall asleep. I got up, walked out the front door, and kept walking. After several blocks, I stepped into a convenience store and got a bottled water. After ambling for a while, I walked home, and went back to bed, still in a daze.

No other death of a public figure has ever affected me so much. I’ll never, ever forget that night, and my feelings of utter shock and dismay. 

Posted in: The Number Ones: John Lennon’s “(Just Like) Starting Over”
#6  raptor jesus
Score:58 | Apr 15th

“Imagine doing The Life of Pablo and driving down the road and never hearing none of those songs on the radio and your wife and your daughter are in the car.”

This is hysterical.

Imagine driving down the road, with your family in the car, and them NOT hearing you talk about wanting to fuck Taylor Swift.


Posted in: Kanye West Says He Will Vote For The First Time (Yes, For Trump)
#5  franciskeats
Score:60 | Apr 13th

I had my sophomore album releasing this month (which I’ve been working on for over three years while grinding in the restaurant industry), was setting up an album release party, was invited to be one of the big acts at a summer festival which, ideally, I’d use to jumpstart the state’s festival circuit. I also joined a well-respected local band playing keyboards and we had many shows set up, which would have been thousands of additional dollars of income for me. Now, my album release party is canceled, my bid at doing festivals is gone, all the shows (both solo and group) are canceled, and the band can’t even rehearse any more. Oh, and the restaurant is closed.

I’ve been working towards a viable career in music for over ten years. Lots of sacrifices for the sake of art. Now, I don’t know what to do.

Posted in: Coronavirus Expert Says Concerts Won’t Return Until “Fall 2021 At The Earliest”
#4  TDrummy
Score:69 | Apr 15th

At what point can I say ‘fuck Kanye’ without getting a ton of downvotes? Cause seriously, this guy’s a damn parody at this point. Marrying the world’s pre-eminent gold-digger, saying ‘slavery’s a’ight’, holding ‘Sunday sermons’, and now voting for Trump?
You’d be led to believe that it was all some high level trolling…but it’s not. Kayne prior to 2012: I’ll take it! Kayne post 2012: fuck this guy already.

Posted in: Kanye West Says He Will Vote For The First Time (Yes, For Trump)


#3  LosingMyEdge
Score:-16 | Apr 13th

Don’t care. Won’t vote for Biden. Fuck him, fuck the Democratic Party, fuck anyone who says “removing Trump from office is priority #1.” Just because Joe Bidel will be 27% less bad than Trump doesn’t make him worth my vote. And honestly, LOL if you think he will be less bad that Trump. He might not insult the doctors openly, but he he sure as shit ain’t going to advocate that people get free treatment for corona. And he even more surely won’t realize “wait a second? If we are allowing free treatment for corona, why not diabetes? cancer? heart disease?”

Posted in: Coronavirus Expert Says Concerts Won’t Return Until “Fall 2021 At The Earliest”
#1  JerseyJan
Score:-21 | Apr 15th

I was reading and my husband was watching “Monday Night Football”. I hate football, so I wasn’t paying any attention to the TV. My husband interrupted my reading to tell me, “John Lennon was just shot and killed. Howard Cosell just said so.” I said, “Oh really?” and returned to my reading.

Posted in: The Number Ones: John Lennon’s “(Just Like) Starting Over”


Score:26 | Apr 13th

My brother and I went through Napster, Kazaa, Limewire (I’m sure there are others) but when we first discovered Napster we argued over which song to download first, because we lived out in the sticks and a song took hours to download. the winner was “everything you want” by vertical horizon

Posted in: …And Justice For Us: Metallica v. Napster 20 Years Later

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