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Life under quarantine goes on, and while we all pore over the CARES Act, artists continue to reschedule their upcoming album releases. Guess that means we’re rocking Dua lipa, Waxahatchee, and those RTJ4 bangers ’til summer. Could be worse! Things at Stereogum haven’t slowed yet, and hopefully you are finding some needed distraction on these humble webpages. Incidentally we relaunched our newsletter today with an eye on making it more fun and engaging. If you didn’t get it today it’s because we stopped sending it today people who’ve never opened it. That costs money and we’re on an independent media budget. So if you want it, sign up over in the right sidebar under Most Viewed. Your best and worst comments are below.


#9  blochead
Score:41 | Mar 26th

You see where there’s a place to donate to Amazon drivers that are losing pay due to the pandemic? Let’s be perfectly clear here: The richest human that has EVER strode the Earth wants me to kick in a few bucks so his people get paid? In the history of “FUUUUUUCK YOOOOOOU’s” I think I’m going for the absolute Gold medal on this.

Posted in: Ariana Grande Is Quietly Venmoing Fans Who Lost Work Because Of Coronavirus
#8  MerchCunningham
Score:42 | Mar 22nd

I think is pretty obvious from how hesitant she was from the get go that she was never really comfortable with any of the lines at all. But she tried to stay polite and make sense of his side and laugh it off and tried to be in with the joke because that’s what young women are raised to do. She knew she couldn’t stop him from releasing whatever dumb bullshit he was going to release it, and she tried to explain why overall it was in poor taste and how he didn’t make her famous, but it didn’t matter. The most cringey part is him saying it took him 8 FUCKING MONTHS to come up with that dumb ass line. I don’t like Taylor, she is insufferable, but I genuinely feel bad for this girl.

Posted in: Kanye West & Taylor Swift’s “Famous” Phone Call Leaks


#1  bisquetaker
Score:-32 | Mar 25th

The whole mandatory vaccination issue is a heavy one which more nuance than just declaring someone “anti-vac” or whatever. But I will say that Bill Gates planning to spearhead a policy for mandatory surgical implant among all Americans is fucking bonkers and scary and everyone that feels that is a totally normal thing baffles me.

Posted in: M.I.A. Says She Is Anti-Vaccine


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