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Any list of the best horror movies about sharks is bound to include 2010’s The Reef near the top (probably right below Jaws and Open Water). Today brings word that a sequel is in the works from writer/director Andrew Traucki. Find out more about The Reef: Stalked below the trailer for 2010’s The Reef!

A great white shark hunts the crew of a capsized sailboat along the Great Barrier Reef.

Production has commenced on survival thriller The Reef: Stalked from creature feature master Andrew Traucki, delivering the long-awaited sequel to the 2010 nail-biter The Reef.  Filming is underway in Bowen in The Whitsundays, with the region’s tropical landscape and beautiful reefs doubling for the story’s location in the islands off of Papua New Guinea.

Written and directed by Traucki, the film is produced by Neal Kingston, Michael Robertson and Jack Christian.    

Andrew Traucki said, “I’m thrilled The Reef: Stalked is in production and back to Bowen where we shot parts of The Reef eleven years ago! As a lover of survival tales, there is nothing I enjoy more than storytelling that pits humans against nature and asks the question ‘how would I survive?’. In this genre, there’s nothing scarier to the audience than encountering an apex predator, one of the sea’s most magnificent creatures, the great white shark.”

Starring Australian actors Teressa Liane (Neighbours, The Vampire Diaries), Ann Truong (Cowboy Bebop, Strike Back), Kate Lister (Unhinged, Fox Trap) and newcomer Saskia Archer, the story follows four girlfriends on a kayaking and diving adventure that goes horribly wrong, and draws on themes of resilience, healing from trauma and strength in sisterhood and female friendship.

In the tradition of 47 Metres Down, The Shallows, and like its predecessor, The Reef: Stalked plays with our most primal fear of the deep, being eaten alive, and of terrifying predators lurking unseen somewhere below.

Obviously, this project is still in its infancy, but we’ll keep you posted on the film’s progress as details are announced. Stay tuned and check back often!

The Reef 2010 Poster - Sequel to 2010's Grueling Shark Horror THE REFF Now In Production

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