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If you need a more discreet home security camera you may be interested in the HD Mask, a small camera disguised as a charging adapter. The tiny secret camera allows you to monitor your home 24 seven directly from your mobile device thanks to the companion smartphone application which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Once plugged in the HD home security camera your home network to provide full access and monitoring using a private cloud storage system. Not only is the home security camera disguised as a smartphone charger it can also be used to charge your device when required and records real-time high definition video and is equipped with a 75° angle lens.

– Are you sick and tired of cheap security cameras that do not work? So are we. That is why we created the HD Mask USB Camera.
– This is simply the best USB Camera on the market. We’ve invested in the best camera lens, the best WiFi chip, and the best materials.
– You can even set up multiple cameras around your home or office to secure the perimeter and monitor everything from your phone. This gives you the monitoring power of expensive CCTV systems, without intrusive or obvious cameras.
– Try HD Mask today and experience the difference for yourself. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you will get your money back!

“Our powerful HD 1080P security camera is hidden inside a USB phone charger. A gadget so common nowadays, that the HD Mask won’t draw any attention to itself, thanks to its camouflage design. And you can also charge your phone and other devices while it’s recording!
We made HD Mask really easy to use: plug it into any outlet and connect it to your device (phone, computer, tablet) seamlessly. You can record right away, in a continuous loop or using MOTION DETECTION when someone is in the room. With high quality HD 1080P, you won’t miss a thing and will be able to stream live remotely at any time, even at night.”

Source: HDMask

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