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Actor and filmmaker Lindsay Bennett-Thompson – whose shorts Puppy and Enter Nirvana did well on the festival circuit – has launched her fourth short film File Not Found on Kickstarter.

The sci-fi horror film’s synopsis is:

Set in 2035, Jenny lives an idyllic life with her spiritualistic partner Maggie. When modern technology is disrupted, Jenny comes face to face with the horror that she has been hiding from.

Writer/Director Lindsay Bennett-Thompson said, “I wanted to make something which married modern technology and classic horror. Our contemporary society relies so heavily on technology I wanted to push the boundaries of how that can shape our perception of reality. How far will we go to escape or influence the way we experience the world and is our reliance on contemporary science hiding us from truth? I was inspired by the works of Charlie Brooker and his representation of a dystopian future – which never feels too far removed from our own – and the more traditional psychological horror of Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook, representing an inescapable yet illogical consuming force. Both characters in the story are trying to escape reality in their own way but some demons will always be waiting.

The short is being produced by STARBURST’s James L. Perkins and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. You can find out more about Lindsay by heading over to www.lindsaybennett.net.

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