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Anyone who watched Veep over the years could always count on Sam Richardson to provide hilarious support on that show. However, he’s always shown the ability to do more, and this week, audiences at home have been able to notice his more diverse skillset due to the VOD release of Hooking Up. One of the year’s best films so far, we raved earlier in the week about the movie, and yesterday, Richardson was kind enough to jump on the phone for a few minutes to have a chat. Not only did we discuss Hooking Up, as well as his co-star Brittany Snow, a little bit of Veep came up as well.

Hopefully you enjoy the talk with Richardson, though fair warning: his cellphone was providing a fair amount of distortion during the early part of the conversation. In fact, the call cut off at one point and had to be restarted using a different format. If you’re patient, just sit through the first part. Otherwise, skip ahead a bit and the second half of the interview is crystal clear. For what it’s worth, my side is perfect throughout, so if you’re particularly keen on my voice, there’s that. Obviously, you’re here for him, though, and we apologize for the sound quality…

Here is our interview with Sam Richardson:

Be sure to check out Hooking Up, On Demand now!

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