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We’ve lost a lot of celebrities in the past year, but it could have been even worse with the pandemic. A LOT worse.

Sadly, we lost a few wonderful performers, like Broadway star Nick Cordero and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songwriter Adam Schlesinger. But the number of folks who suffered through the virus was much greater: stars from Tom Hanks to Idris Elba to Pink to Robert Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19. Some, like Alyssa Milano and Daniel Dae Kim, chronicled their experiences to help others who were dealing with it.

One celeb who kept her battle completely secret? Salma Hayek.

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You’d never know from the Desperado star’s Instagram, which has kept us entertained over the past year with throwback pics and mind-blowing bikini photos. And it seems like she has a ton of projects on the way, from The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard to Marvel‘s The Eternals. But those were all filmed long before the quarantine even happened — and meant to come out months ago.

In truth, for a sizable stretch the Oscar nominee was taking a break from work as she recovered from a particularly bad bout with the virus in the early days of the pandemic. How bad? Nearly fatal. Yes, for real.

In a new profile for Variety, Salma opens up about how close things got, revealing:

“My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because it was so bad. I said, ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home.’”

Wow. They were really talking about it. The “D” word. Damn.

The 54-year-old had to be isolated from her husband, Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, and their 13-year-old daughter, Valentina, in a separate section of her London estate for seven weeks. She had to be put on oxygen — and says she still isn’t 100% recovered.

Thank goodness she’s recovered at all!

We’ll be seeing her back on the big screen soon as all her delayed films finally hit reopened movie theaters. And she also started working again, in Ridley Scott‘s highly anticipated true crime film House of Gucci, with Lady GaGa and Adam Driver. Salma plays a clairvoyant who helped Patrizia Reggiani plan the murder of heir Maurizio Gucci. She says of the role:

“It was easy. It was the perfect job to just get back into it. I had started doing Zooms at one point, but I could only do so many because I would get so tired.”

Awww! We’re just so grateful she’s still around!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Salma Hayek/Instagram.]

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