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Rattlesnakes – Film

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Jimmy Jean-Louis Scores Big At 2019 PAFF With Rattlesnakes!


      As with
every year, the Pan African Film Festival always deliver good films and of
course, there are the one or two that standout more than the others. One of the
exceptions this year was “Rattlesnakes,” starring Jimmy Jean-Louis who also
produced it. The screenplay was written and directed by Julius Amedume and is
an adaptation of the original acclaimed British stage play by play write Graham
of the same name.

     The film
is a nail biting, suspense thriller focused on Jean-Louis’ character Robert
McQueen whose day takes a turn for the worst when he is kidnapped and held
hostage by three angry husbands who are hell bent on getting revenge after accusing
him of sleeping with their wives. The project went on to win the PAFF Audience
Award Narrative Feature
and saw a limited theater release.


Actor/Producer Jimmy Jean-Louis

      Jean-Louis was just grateful that they were able to finish the movie.
They shot in December of 2018 in Santa Barber and wildfires caught up to them.
They had to abruptly scramble out while leaving their equipment inside a house.
During the following two or three day down time several crew members left.
Luckily, they were able to retrieve their gear and pick up shooting again.

sticking point was the rattlesnakes. They rented them for an allotted 8 hours
only and had to have three just in case one wouldn’t act right. They also
required wranglers for each snake. Plus shooting at night, the snakes were kind
of sleepy but in the grand scheme of things, they performed like they were
supposed to. Writer/director Amedume says it took him 16 months to write the
script after conferring with Farrow and the producers. 

Angry Husbands ready to do McQueen in
     In terms
of casting, crew and other logistics, Jean-Louis reiterates that this project
was a cooperative collaboration of friends who knew each other from working
together. The entire movie was shot in 12 days with 10 hour days. Both cast and
crew showed up each day hitting the ground running. In short, they were all in
it to win it.

A beat up hostage Robert McQueen (Jean-Lewis)

Jean-Louis was born in Haiti and spent the first years of his life in
the slums thereof until he moved to Paris to be with his mom at age 12. He
basically led an off-on homeless street life until he broke into theater and
worked 3 years in the stage musical “La Belle Epoque,” in Spain. He them embarked
on a successful modeling career in France, Spain, Italy, South Africa and the

Packed theater for the screening

     In 1998,
Jean-Louis relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting and soon began booking TV
and movie roles. He may best be know for his role on NBC’s “Heroes,” as the
charismatic Rene aka The Haitian. He co-starred with Oscar winning actress
Mo’Nique in the classic film “Phat Girls.” His most impressive role to date was
playing the true life Haitian Revolution leader Toussaint Louverture were he
won Best Actor at the Pan African Film Festival and a nomination for Best Actor
at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Jean-Louis is fluent in English, French, Italian, Creole, and has worked
in many parts of the world including France, England, Indonesia, Cuba, Nigeria,
Brazil and Mexico to name some.

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