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TSR Roommate Talk: Posts Are 100% user submitted & we cannot confirm with 100 percent certainty the validity of these stories/allegations. Sip wisely! 👀👀☕️ Listen Shaderoom, you know I love y’all so I had to come to y’all with this tea honey! So I’m from Miami (shout out to my city!!!) but anyway, I love me some Trina and I know who she’s been creepin’ with too!

Let’s just say, I know one of Jimmys friends and I’ve seen WITH MY OWN eyes him & Trina kicking’ it! They be all hugged up in the club, kissing and cupcakin’. They’re very low-key though, they don’t even follow each other on IG, but I got a video of them on Snapchat chile! Y’all didn’t hear this tea from me, but everyone in Miami knows what’s up! This is his page, Jimmy Smacks. I’m just happy my sis is doing her thing!


What else you want to know?


On a separate note Roommates, Trina has been doing her thing on Love & Hip Hop Miami. She DID run into a little situation at Walmart with a woman who reportedly called Trina out of her name and Trina went BALLISTIC, if you didn’t catch that tea, make sure to click here!

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