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New Footage In Rise Of Skywalker Tv Spot

With the home video release of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” upon us, featurettes and interviews are out with several of the film’s crew members who have been discussing their work and the franchise overall.

That J.J. Abrams-directed film opened in December to franchise-worst reviews, with talk quickly following of a possible ‘Abrams Cut’ that ran much longer and filled in the many obvious holes in the film’s story.

So does this longer version exist? Unlikely says stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart. Speaking with ScreenRant, Huthart says nearly all the action that was shot for the movie was used in it and so there’s not much else than can be added: “I’ve done movies where I’d say 60%, 65% or 70% of our action makes the film. I’d say on the whole, probably 90% of what we shot action-wise made the movie.”

That doesn’t mean there aren’t deleted scenes worth a look. Neal Scanlan is a famed Lucasfilm creature and makeup effects supervisor and says it’s likely upcoming “Star Wars” TV series could use elements from deleted scenes from the films in their narratives. He goes on to tell Movieweb that the upcoming Cassian Andor series coming to Disney+ could easily incorporate such footage or creature props:

“I don’t think it [TV] feels different than working on a movie. We also have this backlog of characters. A lot of the characters that we built for all of the films either didn’t make it to the final cut, because that’s just the way that the film process happens, or that they are seen so momentarily that there is this wonderful second opportunity to bring back some of the characters that we’ve made and bring them to this new storyline in a more, shall we say, integrated way.

I think it’s going to be tremendous. I find that it’s a second opportunity for everything that we’ve made, plus the opportunity of moving TV along, in a sense, at what will not at all be diminished as far as the level of quality, the level of things that we are going to try and achieve.”

Back to ‘Rise of Skywalker,’ and not only has an honest trailer for the film gone online while actors John Boyega and Oscar Isaac are having some fun on social media with the Poe/Finn shippers. Check out both videos below:

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