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I hopped in with my belt fastened,
It’d be an enlightening ride, I envisaged.
On a safety speed of 60 km/h, I rode.
‘Twas a fascinating crinkum-crankum road,
So I meandered meticulously
And I shifted the gears skilfully.

They all beamed at me, looking for favour,
I grinned back with a charm to savour.
They attempted to clip my wings
With enticing compliments and blings,
Yet at my back they ripped me to shreds.
Undauntedly, I stayed focused instead.

Well-wishers flashed their blinkers at me,
Drive professionally, they tell me.
Intermittently, hit the brakes, but don’t end the tour,
Wave the wipers when it pours,
Drop the sun visor when it shines,
Do what you must but don’t kill your shine.

The task with and before me is daring,
My frenemies await fall; they’re staring.
But the finish line, I crossed with eclectic victory,
As they shamefully marvel at my glory
Graciously, I made it to the hall of fame;
Till date, they gaze at my footprint hanging in a frame.

More at https://memoriesbreathe.com/2020/03/12/ride-to-stardom/.

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