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When Italian music company IK Multimedia rocked the world with their ultra-portable, Bluetooth capable monitors, the iLoud  Micro Monitors. Above portability, the sound quality is what caught most people off gaurd. How could such a little speaker sound so good? Good enough that many top studios around the world installed them? IK Multimedia put all their focus on creating a truly groundbreaking product, and the results spoke for themselves. But what if people wanted something more? Perhaps they wanted a great-sounding monitor, but also didn’t have a huge budget, or great studio space? Or, they loved the sound of the Micro, but wanted something more? The company saw this gap, took everything that made the Micro successful and scaled it up to a larger, professional-grade studio monitor, with built-in features that you don’t find on products many times their price, and as such, the MTM was born. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the monitors, their features, and how they compare to higher-end competitors.  

What are they?

The iLoud MTM is a compact, two-way, three-speaker monitor that uses DSP to create an accurate depiction of what your audio actually sounds like. Despite their small size, the optional low-frequency extender allows them to compete with much larger monitors. Perhaps the biggest selling point aside from size and sound is the built-in ARC, which stands for automatic room calibration, which means that, regardless of your listening environment, a quick calibration of the monitors will have them perfectly adjusted for your room. They even provide a mic to do it.

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