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Motorcyclists searching for a safe motorcycle helmet camera may be interested in a new Kickstarter project for REVAN. “Capture everything in the front and behind of your motorcycle and check your blindspots using the intuitive HUD.” Check out the demonstration video below to learn more about REVAN designed to provide motorcyclists with the safest motorcycle helmet mounted dashcam currently available.

“Most riders have no idea of the dangers lurking in their blind spots. Revan’s always-on HUD allows riders to see a live-feed of everything behind them and to the sides, at all times. Through it, you monitor your surroundings, speed, location, time, battery levels and a variety of other metrics. Smart helmets become dead weight if they don’t have power. Revan’s two lightweight batteries with 7000 mAh of power will last you 12 hours of safe ride on a single charge.”

“Dashcams with a wider angle of view distort the footage and hamper a rider’s ability to view clear images during playback. Revan’s 1080p Full HD camera provides the most optimal—143°—field-of-view to minimize distortion and allow for the highest video resolution possible while capturing everything behind a motorbike. A fun trip can have us riding for hours, and you don’t just need to be safe for the first half. With Revan, you can ride in safety, knowing that you won’t run out of power—even on the longest journeys.”

Features of the REVAN motorcycle helmet camera include :

– Record everything that happens in front and behind of your motorbike in 360-degree 1080p Full HD video
– Check your blind spots using the intuitive HUD
– Stay connected with other riders with the group-calling feature
– Save and share the GPS coordinates of your tour map
– Film a video of your ride in real-time and upload to social media
– Listen to your favorite music or podcasts

Source : Kickstarter

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