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It seems like we’re all trying to sort through our big cabin fever feelings right now. Luckily, some actors have turned to creating fun, weird, wacky new content for us to consume which both deals with these feelings and helps us forget we’re feeling them at all, like Reservoir Dogs alum and frequent Quentin Tarantino collaborator, Michael Madsen.


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Earlier this week, Madsen shared a video which was both a recreation (of sorts) of his iconic “Stuck in the Middle With You” ear-cutting scene from Reservoir Dogs and a special PSA for staying at home amidst the current global coronavirus pandemic. The memorable Reservoir Dogs scene in question features Madsen’s character, Mr. Blonde, menacing a police officer being held hostage in a warehouse. In an effort to cajole information out of the policeman, Mr. Blonde begins blasting Stealers Wheels earworm from 1972 and then cuts off his ears.

So, naturally, Madsen did the same thing in his video update. Well, technically, no Madsen ears were harmed in the making of this admittedly funny and fun video. The video reveals a sly new take on the ear-cutting moment, with the camera panning around the home and zooming in on the side of each family member’s head to reveal a paper towel covered in fake blood taped over an ear. With every zoom of the camera, Madsen’s kids and wife, DeAnna Madsen, look a bit peeved with their space being invaded. The final reveal shows Madsen, sporting shades and a rumpled suit jacket and tie, dancing around to “Stuck in the Middle With You.” The video ends with a simple but timely message — “Stay home” — and boy howdy, message received, Mr. Blonde Madsen.

You can watch Madsen’s updated Reservoir Dogs ear-cutting scene below. For more, check out another musical offering from Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson and SNL alum Adam Sandler about their own stay-at-home blues.

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