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This is Jody’s request and I wholeheartedly agree that this trope is SO MUCH FUN!!! Let’s make a list!

Yep! I think this is a great idea for a list, since so many real-life couples that have fallen in love (and even married) started off in chat rooms. I remember back in the old AOL days… 😉

She asks:

How about books where they fall via text, email or letters like Dear Aaron or Let’s Get Textual

Anyone have a book recommendation? And if you have a real life story to tell us, we’re all ears too!! 😉

Maryse: I have one for it right off the bat, that was one I already submitted to another reader request earlier, and this fits BOTH trope. YAY!!! What a great for “Flat-Out Love” by Jessica Park, ’cause this one is all about falling in love with someone via Facebook chatting. OHHHHHH BOY you are in for something AMAZING with this one. 😀 MUST-READ!!!!!!!! P.S. Here’s my 5-star Book Review.

Maryse: And also, I could swear one of my favorites from back in our early indie days, Easy by Tamara Webber, had a whole “chat thing” going on with a tutor for her college class… and they REALLY connected. OMG if there are any that haven’t read this one, it is a must-read and a love triangle, and had my heart aching and a really awesome twist!! P.S. Here’s my 4.5 star Book Review.

Nancy: Oh my goodness! The book that just came out: Day One by Lauren Runow. They meet on Tinder during the Coronavirus quarantine. And then start texting back & forth.

Maryse: THAT IS PERFECT!!! YES!!! I’m adding it now. 😀

Mony: Day One looks…interesting…love during a quarantine?

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