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Mony just sent me this very sweet list for us to pick and choose from that might just do the trick in helping us escape our current reality. Some super-sexy, some warm and comforting and some just plain ol’ fun (and she categorizes them too, in case you’re in the mood for exactly “that”)!!

I love this idea, and there are a bunch in her list that rocked my world, so I’m anxious to try her other favorites. And I’m anxious for YOUR lists, too. Let’s add ’em!

She said:

Hi Maryse,

Having time on my hands now that we’re self-isolating for coronavirus in Canada, I started working on a little book project.

I pulled together what I call my “feels like a cozy blanket” books that I read when I’m trying to go into zen mode and forget the world for a bit.

Not sure whether others might be interested in  sharing their book lists too. And what about you? I’d really love to see what everyone reads!

Last note – thank goodness for the internet and electronic books right now, eh? – that’s Canadian talk 🙂

Keep ‘em coming Maryse!


Mony’s: My Top Ten “Feels like a Cozy Blanket” Books (in no particular order)

JulieO: I loved the MANWHORE series. When Saint falls he falls hard!!

Kim (Northernstar): On day seven of self-isolation after an international trip. 🙂 Oh, quite a few of my fav’s in Mony’s list and some new ones too. Here are a few of my go to “cozy books:

Ann: I was thinking yesterday that our world reality will end up as a remote romance, can’t you just imagine someone in isolation and befriended online, or someone stuck in another country?

Here’s my personal 5 star lose all track of time and reality books. I’m sure there’s lots of others that I’ve 5 starred that are worthy of your list, these are the books I reach for when I’m in a book slump, the ones I remember even years later.

Maryse: Ann this is crazy!!!! I hand wrote my list on a sticky note yesterday as book came to mind, and YOUR list is MY list for the most part except a couple that I haven’t read yet, which means OMG I’M GOING TO LOVE THEM!!!!

Jan: Mony, I love your idea. Ann, I’d totally add Kulti to your list of Mariana Zapata books. One of the greatest heroines ever. Love that book. Hmm, what else would be on my list of cosy escape comfort books?

Well, I’d happily reread any of these:

I think if we get confined to home here in Australia I will be doing lots of rereading of old favs. I agree with the suggestions of some of those older Kristen Ashleys etc too.

Do you have a top 10 (or even a top 5) that should be on this list?

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