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Ahhhhh see? I’ve been asked this one a few times, and it was time to dig in. The Story of Son is one of J.R. Ward’s earlier vampire releases (it was included in the “Dead After Dark” Anthology in 2008 and has since been re-released on its own). And it seems like it could fit into our most beloved BDB series, but for a few slight discrepancies. I’ve been asked a few times if it was a part of the series and where it fits in the reading order, so I did a little research. 😉

Brandy R: okay I am just wondering where the story of son fits into the BDB series.. i was thinking maybe it has something to do with Mhurder. Maybe it doesn’t fit in at all i dont know but i just wanted to know what everyone else thinks.

Maryse: Hi Brandy! I’ve looked it up and it appears that “The Story of Son” isn’t really considered a part of her BDB series. But I’ve been reading that it’s an amazing story, so I’m going to see if I can get it and I’ll be able to give a better answer on that. 🙂

Brandy R: I have read t and it is such a sweet story and it does stand on its own…. it doesnt talk about the brothers but maybe it is just wishfull thinking.. haha but I dont know many people who have read it.. so I dont have people to talk about it with hahaha.. cant wait to hear your take on it!!! once you have the time to get around to it.. 🙂

Amanda: Where does the novella story of son fit i to the list??

Maryse: Officially, it’s not a part of the series, however since it DOES take place in BDB’s town of Caldwell and I’ve uncovered some interesting tidbits about how it could *possibly* relate to BDB, I included it under book #6 (by its publication date).

Okay so here we go:

As of right now… it’s officially “NOT” part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series (just a standalone), and according to readers, the mythology and traits of the vampires in this book differ from the BDB.

That said, after all of the research (that I’ve included below) I’ve decided to include it in my Black Dagger Brotherhood Series Reading Order post (by the original publication date). 😀

So here’s what I found:

  • The Story of Son DOES take place in BDB’s town of Caldwell, NY.
  • Readers are noticing similarities between Michael’s (aka “Son”) red and black hair coloring and Murhder’s same hair color (possibly Son’s father?) – I found this on a fan-made “BDB Family tree here. She says:

I included Michael (formerly known as Son) from the e-book/novella The Story of Son. There’s no mention of him being related to Murhder, but Michael has red and black hair just like Murhder does. Xhex notes in one book that she has never seen that particular combo on another vampire, so it’s definitely possible that Michael is of the same bloodline.

Q: We know Butch and Manny are brothers. Could they be related to Michael in the Story of Son?

A: It wouldn’t surprise me if Michael was related to Murhder, with the hair. And it wouldn’t surprise me if Clare and Michael’s kids come into the BDB stories sometime in the future.

Q: From the Story of Son, will we see Michael come into The Brotherhood.

A: I don’t know about Michael, but I would like to think his daughter might.

Q: Is Michael (from The Story of Son) Butch’s brother.

A: Another Keep Reading.

So there we have it!!! It may not have started out “connected” but it sure seems to be shaping up that way.

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