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Ghitus needs our book help!! Mafia romance and arranged marriages are pretty huge in our crew!! We love to hate the bad guy, and especially love when the bad guy turns good. Er… sorta. 😉 For her, anyway. But I don’t think I know this one.

She asks:

Hello Maryse,

I was frantically looking for a book that i read a few months ago that i stumbled upon your blog and i stayed here for a few days reading your suggested books.

But i still need to look for that book and i’m wondering if you can help me. I don’t remember much about the name or the characters’s names, all i remember is that it was a series about sisters marrying into mafia group.

The second book is all I remember in the book the sister supposed to marry, refuses to do that and she escapes. Her groom went looking for her and he found her in Europe.

That’s all i can remember sadly. Not much but i know that it was such a good book.

Looking forward to your response.

Have a guess?

Shanice: Ohhhh I know this series and love it!!!. It’s the Born in blood mafia chronicles by Cora Reilly. The second book mentioned is called Bound by Duty.

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