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Rita needs our book help! I’m not a huge historical romance buff, but I have quite a few fellow readers here that are, so I’m hoping one of you know it. Jan, maybe?

She asks:

Please I have been searching everywhere for the name of a historical romance book till I found your blog.

Plot – the FL named Christine I think was raised by Indians in America but she returns to London and discovers she needs to get married to get her inheritance. She meets a Duke named Lyon I think and was intrigued by him.

What I remember most is that she carries a knife everywhere with her even to the ballroom and she found the British odd and had to pretend to be civilized till she can return to the Indian family that raised her.

I would really appreciate any assistance I get. This book has suddenly stuck to my head and refused to let go. I can’t even read anything else,

help please.

Has anyone read this one?

Cristin: Lion’s Lady by Julie Garwood

Carin: Julie Garwood. Lyon’s Lady or similar

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