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Jennifer has this reader question for us! Oooooh sounds like a star-crossed lovers and a little Romero & Julietish but with powers (or maybe vampires?). 😉

She asks:

Hi Maryse,

Love your blog.

I am stuck, I read a series a long time ago about a young group of kids with power (think some vampires).

There were different families that people were born from and the main character was a girl. She fell in the love with a guy but they couldn’t be together so the parents wiped their memories but they fell in love again.

Also, she thought her Dad was one family but he was actually from another family.


Anyone have a guess?

Maryse: I’d almost say (though I haven’t finished the series yet so I can’t say for sure about who was responsible for the “amnesia twist”) but kind of sounds like Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher’s “Never Never” series. Also I don’t recall vampires being a factor in this one. 😉 Though some powers for sure. I’m probably WAY off. LOL!!! 😀

Maryse: WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!!!!! Is this Vampire Academy? ‘Cause suddenly it TOTALLY sounds like Vampire Academy. All the characteristics are there… even the memory wipe. OMG I LOVED THAT SERIES!!!

Ashley: It sounds a lot like Parallel by Elizabeth O’Roark…but that doesn’t have any vampires in it.

Amanda: Sounds like King Hall by Scarlett Dawn?

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