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Allison just sent us this question! Well actually, it’s a two part question (she’s looking for this book AND she’s looking for more LIKE it).

She asks:

Hey there!

I am trying to find a book i read a long time ago but have always remembered & thought about. Maybe you could help me??

It’s set in the Manhattan area. The female main character is a counselor at an elementary school. I want to say the author made her more of a heavyset woman, like Ashley Graham.

She lives on her own & has a best friend named something similar to Samantha/Scarlett who is married to their best friend from high school, Nicky. She goes off to have her own story once they get a divorce!

Anyways – the main male character is in the mafia & goes by the name King. She plays hard to get after meeting him & he is relentless because he knows what he wants.

This book was so so good & I’d love to find it again. Do you happen to know or think of anything similar????


Anyone know it? AND does anyone have any “like it” recommendations for her (and us)?

Let’s make a list!

Jacqui: I think it is Lessons In Corruption (The Fallen Men Series Book 1) by Giana Darling. I loved this book!

Maryse: Ooooh this has been a popular one for reader questions in the past. I added it. 🙂

Kathy: Yes. The whole series is good.

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