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UNSOLVED from almost a year ago!! But we’re trying again…

Anyone have any guesses for Janet’s READER QUESTION?

She asks:

PTSD – Dog military romance…

Hi, trying to find book or author about a returning vet.
He is traveling with his military dog, walking. He is trying to get home it’s winter he is freezing so is the dog. He collapses in the road rural area.

The heroine driving stops, she is an EMT and going to her friends house to make jam. The ranch does help PTSD vets when they find their way to the area.

2nd story entails a starving man & dog, he is looking for work but he is unkempt (don’t want to say dirty but) small town shop keeper helps him clean up, he then applies as a ranch hand.

Different stories men & women PTSD. See MoreSee Less

Don’t forget this wonderful program Audible just started for children!! Free stories for kids of ALL ages (and multiple languages to choose from). This is so fantastic. <3

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