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Jessica has a new reader question for us! Oooooh I especially love moody heroes that resist and reject the heroine at first. Makes me soooooo mad!!! LOL!

And…. I submitted my own guess, and even if it’s wrong, it’s a MUST-READ if you haven’t read it yet. You’ll LOVE IT!

She asks:

Looking for book I once read a few years back;

young heroine new in town fleeing past, snowy weather, meets hero in bar- he may be owner vs bartender. He is mean to her, but secretly attracted; they fight constantly.

At one point he is really cruel and she runs away and gets into car accident, he finds her unconscious, takes her back to his house. She wakes up in his bedroom, of house where he lives with his family, he then admits his feelings

Lots of angst initially, takes place in cold weather small town, maybe Alaska?


Okay… anyone have a guess? I’ll start! LOL!

Maryse: I immediately thought of my all-time favorite, “Sweet Dreams” by Kristen Ashley (it has the moody, mean, secretly attracted bar owner – though not at first, in fact he’s a total ASS about her appearance – her starting over in a new town!). They fight, and it’s cold (Colorado!!!)

But I can’t remember the car accident (though it would totally make sense if the hero was especially an ass at a pivotal part in the book, ’cause Kristen Ashley’s heroes are notorious for that!!). He DOES have a family, and I know that factors in (and his house… and her in it). Ahhhhh how I loved that book. So I’m submitting that one as my guess! P.S. Here’s my 5-STAR I LOVE IT SO MUCH Book Review. I was in a LOVE FOG FOR WEEKS with this one.

Gabby: I don’t know what book this is but it sounds good!

Maryse: Gabby… read Sweet Dreams in the meantime!!!

Dottie: Could it be Chaser by Kylie Scott? Book 3 in her Dive Bar series.

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