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Priscilla has one for us! This is going to be one of her recommendations for our new ““Falling for my boyfriend or best guy friend’s brother” books” list, but she can’t remember the title, so maybe we know it?

Actually one scene she described burned brightly in my head for a second (and then fizzled out LOL!!) so I submitted a guess below…

She asks:

I do remember one, but not the title or the whole book.

I remember the lead girl being friends with this guy and they are going to his house. The girl sees the moody brother there.

I don’t remember what happens, if she goes to the bathroom, but the moody brother ends up pushing her in to the laundry room and he lifts her into the washer and turns it on. And you know she gets hot and bothered and probably there’s words said and he just walks away. She follows him into his room.

Her guy friend enters and gets pissed off. The brother walks away and the girl follows him. He gets in his car about to leave and she also gets in.

The friend sees and is all pissed off.

Anyone have a guess?

Maryse: After reading this description, that washing machine scene sparked my memory. I dunno… at first I thought… and Abbi Glines book? Then THIS one popped in my head, though the “bully” in this one is not his brother, but his best friend. Is it… Tangled by Em Wolf? <— Either way, this book needs to be on that list, STAT!!!! P.S. Here’s my 4.5 STAR Book Review.

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