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Okay here’s a fun twist on a reader question. It came in sort of reversed. 😉 Mony had the answer to a reader question that she saw here, but come to find out, we can’t find that question here at all.

Maybe she saw it on a Facebook or Goodreads feed, or maybe it was in the comments, here, by a reader?

So I decided I’d post it anyway, in case anyone else saw this question and wanted to know the answer too! No matter where they saw it. 😉

Mony says:

Hi Maryse,

Thought I saw a RQ about a doctor who has a child and falls in love with a hospital assistant with Asperger’s syndrome. I think the answer is Perfectly Adequate.

Seems to be missing…


Hi Mony!

I don’t remember that reader question at all (and just did a search of Aspergers on my blog, and while I do have posts with characters with Aspergers, a reader question mentioning it, didn’t come up). Now I wish I could post it!!!

Hrmm… maybe I will. 😉 I should call it “The question that Mony saw and was able to answer but that we can’t find it anymore.”

Hey that would be pretty clever.

And so I did. 😂

UPDATE!!!! WE FOUND THE READER QUESTION (it had been left as a comment a few days ago on my How do I find what I’m looking for on Maryse’s Book Blog? post, so it hadn’t become an official reader question post yet):

Wendy: Divorced Hospital doctor with son falls for quirky attendant with mild aspergers

YAY!! Now two things have been solved!! 😀

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