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I haven’t delved into the world of reverse harems (other than way back in the day when I was hooked on Anita Blake and went very many books deep, but that got so out there for me that I stopped reading somewhere along the way).

Anyway, Sarah is looking for more Reverse Harem recommendations but she has a few specific requests:

Hi Maryse!

I was wondering if you or any of your faithful crew could help me out with some recommendations? I’ve really been into RH romance novels lately but picky about which ones i want to read.

Loved Four Psychos so looking for more like those. Currently reading the Nora Jacobs series. I have read about half of the Anita Blake series as well.

So what I’m looking for in for the main character is:

  • to be at least over 21,
  • have some depth,
  • no mary janes, and
  • for the guys to be interesting.

I dont mind dark themes and the sexier the better 🙂 Any help would be wonderful.

Thank you in advance!

We do have some resident Reverse Harem enthusiasts in our book crew (like Tessa!!), so I’m sure they’ll have recommendations, and I’m hoping we can make a nice big list. 🙂

Anyone know exactly she’s looking for?

Maryse: Off the bat, I’m going to post our “Reverse Harem” category (that we already have, here on the blog). Everything tagged Reverse Harem, (series, reader questions and of course, our “favorites lists”) are in here ➔ Reverse Harem.

Andrea: If you liked Four Psychos, I recommend Kristy Cunning’s other series All the Pretty Monsters. I also really enjoyed the Curse of The Gods series by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington. This series was pretty humorous, but still a little dark.

Tina: The Rock Hard Beautiful series by C.M. Stunich is pretty good. The first book had me laughing and sobbing in all the best ways.

Missy: If you like PNR, check out Ava Ward’s Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco. First book, Royal Dragon Bind: Royal Dragon Shifters of Morocco #1: A Red Letter Hotel Paranormal Romance, is a bit of a slow burn, but damn does the story and the heat pick up as the series unfolds. I’m completely hooked on this guilty pleasure series!

Andrea: I also should mention the Kiss Her Goodbye series by Rebecca Royce. This one is not paranormal, but meets all your requirements, imo. It’s also a bit dark. First book is Hard Truths (Kiss Her Goodbye Book 1).

Sarah: Thank you everyone for the help! I apparently need more than one man in my reading life lol!

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