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Why is it that the body insists on growing hairs where we don’t want them? I mean, sure facial hair can look good on a guy, but hairs inside of our noses and ears are just a nuisance. Sure, they serve some physiological purpose, but they look nasty sticking out of there. That’s why you should clean up your act and get a nose and ear hair trimmer. I suggest this one.

This ray gun trimmer makes it look like you’re blowing your brains out every time you go to groom yourself. Actually, it kind of looks like that scene in Total Recall where Quaid sticks the thing up his nose and pulls out the tracking device:

When you hear the crunch, you’re there. Actually, if someone sees you sticking this inside of your nostrils or ears, just tell them that you’re blasting the aliens in your head. You can grab one over at Firebox for $16.99.

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