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We already know that our phones are listening to us. All I need to do is mention that I am looking to buy some new lawn furniture or a leash for my cat (don’t judge me), and immediately the first ad I will see on Instagram is for a rainbow cat leash and matching cat booties. 

It’s still jarring but it’s not exactly unusual anymore. And it makes sense. Advertisers need to always have their ear to the ground when it comes to new topics and trends. It just so happens that the latest is a global pandemic. 

“This is a crazy time for all of us and it’s important to feel connected now more than ever… Use code TOGETHER30 for 30% off the entire site!” Honestly, I have never felt more isolated than when I read those words. I understand that clothing stores need to stay in business too but imagine if one of them came out and was straight up like use code Tuberculosis30. Are we really so inoculated already to the horror happening around us?

The hashtag #SelfIsolation is trending in the thousands, and I would know because I literally used it this morning. But still, seeing Victoria’s Secret use it to promote their latest panty sale makes me feel like I’m in a shitty Black Mirror episode. 

The irony here is also that no one has any fucking money!!! We are all out of work, and still, advertisers won’t fucking quit!! If even a global pandemic can’t stop brands from trying to get us to buy things then there probably is no hope left for our capitalist society.

If someone more powerful than the unemployed millennial writing this incoherent article wants to try to save the economy, consider suspending rent until this all blows over perhaps (cough Cuomo cough). Until then, even though I love a good 30% off sale as much as the next girl, the only thing I am buying for now is toilet paper. Oh wait, that’s sold out too.

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