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*New story* —Merry Christmas, love

She was cold. Freezing cold.

It was December and the snow was piling up around the house in heaps. She was piling up the quilts above her in hopes of getting a little warm. But, it didn’t seem to be working.

The electricity was gone for days, so no central heating; she wasn’t good with an axe, she had a gaping cut in her left foot to prove that, which meant no fire too.

She hadn’t left the bed since Monday and it was Wednesday, already.

Blanket after blanket, quilt after quilt, she was buried in a meter high heap by now. It wasn’t working for her and she was sure that she was forgetting something, missing a crucial detail. But, she was old and memory wasn’t one of her BFF. So, she lied beneath the pile, waited for some time, expecting the heat to work its magic and save her toes from falling off.

The quilts were heavy; she was starting to realize this now. It was getting difficult to breath from beneath the load. She tried to lie still, not moving at all, saving those breaths, keeping still.

No, it can’t be done. She can’t take it anymore. Frantic from a lack of oxygen she started to peal off the layers, one by one, quilt after quilt, blanket after blanket.

She loved warmth but oxygen was indispensable, she guessed. Once free, she took in mouthful gulps; binging on the clean, fresh, cold air itself. She took in gulp after gulp, hungrily, every breath deeper than the last, saturating every cell of her being with it. Pure gluttony.

Her head now swimming in the bountiful oxygen reminded her to look in the ‘Help-Box’ which her beloved Joe had made for her. Help-box had a solution for her every problem so was the Joe’s claim. Well, it was time to test his proclamation.

Marge got down to the task with her box. It had quite a few useful things; she was impressed by his thoughtfulness. For fever…for cold…for headaches…for join-pain…for freezing cold, yes, here it was, the solution to her problem.

She was very excited to see what he had thought of. As she opened the wrapped packet, she found a hand woven red pair of socks with the matching gloves; there was a little note too- I knew you would need them when I won’t be there to warm you up, Merry Christmas, my love.

Please, bear with all the mistakes (grammatical/typos), if any, I did the best I could. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

You all are most welcome to join the 26 X 26 Writing Challenge!

I will see you tomorrow with a Christmas themed word-prompt starting from alphabet ‘R’, until then keep warm & write.

Come, join me in this challenge and say goodbye to this year on a strong note. Cheers!

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