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Fans of Australian soap opera Home and Away will be left disappointed with this new development.

We hate issuing this type of news, but we need to give it. TV Week has announced that beloved Aussie Soap, Home and Away has been pulled from air indefinitely. This comes as Channel Seven’s The Latest program issuing updates on the Coronavirus.

This post on TV Week’s Instagram page revealed the show had been pulled from air:

Fans of the beloved show have expressed their anguish over the decision with some saying that the series is meant to be an escape from the virus. They’re not wrong as all we hear about is the coronavirus and we’re frankly sick of it!

However, the article that was posted on the TV Week section of the Now to Love website doesn’t mention the show being pulled from air. All it says that production has been halted. The article also mentions that several Australia shows including the Melbourne filmed Neighbours and the revamped Big Brother, which is due to air on Channel 7 later this year have also been affected.

It’s unknown how long the delay will be as the virus is estimated to be in transit for at least six months. Please note this is own an estimate. It might be longer or shorter. It will only depend on how quickly people adapt to the chances put into effect by the government.

We know it sucks, but there’s little we can we do about it. However, if we self-isolate and not infect more people, then we can slow the Coronavirus down. We just need to be patient and pray that a cure comes out soon. For now, just hang in there, Home and Away fans. If we can pull through bushfire season and come out the other side, then we can definitely overcome the Coronavirus.

We’ll issue updates when we have them!

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