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♦Will anyone come to night ♦
  Mohammad zahid hossain
Will anyone come tonight?
Affidavit of the disease beyond the dreams song nilakuci
little torangera hidden inside the happiest day of my
stars are inscribed on the night of the terracotta
nerudasama indescribable …. but
the position of his hands leaning on the one hand there is wireless
elusive splendor mlanamahima’s not
dead … plasamasrota
he What will come tonight
What a delicious cruelty
it can endure under its impossibly tender genius and … I turn back to
the secret seed of the tree all night , singing the footsteps of
feet, written in a tearful orchestra , his miniature paintings lush lips … From the gleam of
aerial earth to the exquisite
The poet’s extreme arrogance plegiyarista ekakitbera gray
just seems to continue …
again satero him, nonexistent electricity and flood destruction
he makes anayase drinking
the night on a stick maharatera terrific syaolaya
my life, I want to cut off
his unblinking eyes, my death written -Record …. For the
last time, the flying blue bird of the blissful blue bird
left my question with an unfulfilled sleep. As I walk down the stairs …
what can be seen with him ….!
Will he come …?

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