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Mohammad Zahid Hossain

Tanuja is writing to you after a long time.
Look at how long it was spent
Now I see only morning and night
No afternoon and twilight, however.

Sleep deprivation is regularly called by the mother
It’s time for the baby to get up
Then walk through the familiar royal palace
Kolig Known Office
That familiar is a regular act.

Sometimes in the name of night at the end of the day
Do not understand it is time to return
Tanuja dragged me home at night
Feeling depressed, returning home regularly.

Mom gets dressed in bed
After dinner, I was left alone for an hour and a half
Rimzhmi is called rain in the sky
I am in the rain every day
There is only emptiness and loneliness around
The poison does not leave me
You don’t have that lost afternoon
There is no teenage boy selling flowers that afternoon.

There is no shopkeeper under sodium lights
There are no stupid words of that day
There are only fools and fools.

Tanuja know there’s not much else
Not that stupid good home and stupid feeling
The dust that lies in the dust of the mind.
Look how different Tanuja’s life is
Look at how often death comes from fear.

Tanuja I am not the foundation anymore
You have no fear of losing
You have no hope of getting it.

Tanuja long thought to write to you
Every day I write a little bit regularly
No night to finish.
Simple life is going on somehow
You know, there is no fear as before
Fear of losing You fear of losing.
No fear calls me back.

That eternal bride has also left me
I remember talking about a widow
I am talking about a scarcity bride.
Tanuji left me
Absolutely farewell has been left forever.
Which is why I left you at the end of a twilight.

Tanuja I did not even know that day
For example, I am not a vet even in today’s night.

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