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♦In the Morning♦
Mohammad Zahid Hossain

There is no desire to ask for
it, there is no light called for many days, if you can say today, do
not understand the rituals of the wish as the
cloud gathers, freezes, the leaves fall in the morning.

The girl’s mind knows what I want, I know this city is
drawn to the cinnamon tree love and angry hourglasses
know all the blue, busy mind, busy samiana in search of my consciousness.

I just did not understand, the result of drawing a stain on your dandi
, the prose poem in the daytime is
uneven, come today, let
me tell you my secret , once with words, dear

Come on, today, in the most sure way,
meet your words,
know my words if, without you, never did anyone
come true today, no matter how much more !!

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