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♦ Old age♦
Mohammad Zahid Hossain
As a child, Mother Rose used to sleep at night singing a song.
The song was …
“Sleep aunt-PC
Come to Modi’s house,
There is no bed
Sit in the eye
I’ll get a bowl
Cheek your cheek
There is no sleep in Khoka’s eyes
Go to sleep
In this way, I used to touch my mother, love my mother, I fell asleep in my mother’s lap.
The mother would stay awake, the mother’s affection would be awakened, the other would be sleeping.
This is how one day I grow up with my parents holding hands and feet.
Then, then one day, I am standing on my feet.
The love of life and the world takes us away from our parents.
Our “ami” is surrounded by the emptiness of our elderly parents.
Or this empty-hearted parent’s place is in old age.
Date of writing: 1-5-2019
All rights reserved by the author

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