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Cheekily twisted, unrelenting nostalgia and strong Friday the 13th vibes collide on Cup’s latest music video, “Nothing Could Be Wrong”. Set during a night out at Alphaville (which sounds like the best thing in the world right now), the band isn’t afraid to toy with a little black magic and dip their toes in some cultish activities.

Coming from varying different musical backgrounds doesn’t always create the most cohesive sound, but Cup has blended their influences ranging from psych and surf to jazz and metal in a way that combines the most appealing aspects of each genre; there’s the catchy surf guitar hook, the whirring psych haze that floats over the chorus paired with a heavier doom sound, the syncopation leading into different sections of the song. I think the best rock songs are great pop songs at their core — a simple, succinct message paired with a memorable melody that carries some sort of emotion or energy — and “Nothing Could Be Wrong” does exactly that. Additionally, and I say this with the utmost affection for “the scene”, but Cup doesn’t sound like a New York “scene” band and that’s a good thing. Their combo of genres is interesting and refreshing and I’m looking forward to them livening up our favorite Brooklyn stages once this weird apocalyptic nightmare we’re living in passes.

Cup’s new album ‘Nothing Could Be Wrong’ comes out May 8th — keep up with the band on Facebook and Instagram

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