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This POWER RANGERS BEAST MORPHERS review contains spoilers.

First off let’s talk about the biggest thing this episode will be remembered for. Sadly not the unique Zord battle but the mere reference to the Pan Global Games. Originally created in MMPR, the Games were basically the Olympics and were used to write Kimberly out of the show. It’s nice that Power Rangers Beast Morphers remembers they existed and gave us this little nod. It’s a good instance of the show using its own universe and making it feel like it’s all connected, even in small ways.

It’s a shame this is what people will focus on when the Zord fight was genuinely one of the most unique in the series history. Traditionally these fights are cut and paste and rarely go longer than a few minutes. Having a Zord fight take up a whole episode is already rare but then making that Zord battle a wrestling match? That’s incredible!

They keep changing it up, adding new opponents for Devon to fight and just taking it completely over the top. Watching Zords that are usually portrayed as slow and lumbering in a fast paced wrestling match? With all the extra commentary? That’s brilliant and cleverly disguises that this is a traditional Sentai footage burning episode. They aren’t as common these days but in older seasons they’d regularly have episodes that used as much Sentai footage as possible to save on budget.

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