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Vision is attractive

I am attracting the attention of all of you. Mohammed Zahid Hossain, Facebook’s most beloved and most affectionate of you all, suffered a deadly heart attack at  8.35 pm last night and has been under observation at the National Heart Hospital’s intensive care center for 24 hours. Doctors have not been able to reach a decision until 24 hours.

He was suffering from a complex heart disease for several days as he could not regularly post to different groups. From last night, his mobile phone was near me. I don’t normally make a dent in his Facebook but when his Facebook was open last night, I saw all of you comments about him, and I was surprised how a normal person loved by you so much!

Your impulsive comments forced us to shed tears. It is not possible to express in this article the extent to which all members of each group loved him.

My special request to you all of you will be praying for his so that he can recover quickly and return to you again.

I can’t really write anything else about hem  because you can easily understand the state of our two daughters.

Finally, we have many special requests for you. Please share this post in your groups and ask everyone to bless hem.

I sincerely wish to all of you.

Mrs. Liva Hossain
Wife of Mohammad Zahid Hossain

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