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At rest

Mohammad Zahid Hossain


There is no point in the clouds in your eyes water!
Is this the result of rain in the dark stream last night?
Can you tell where the storm spends its night and day,
Are you coming to the hillside of the mountain now?
Listen now, or rain is a combination of poisonous bites!
Where did the boy go to the rain in the rain?
Equilibrium equilibrium in the path of the mind;
The end of the rain falls in Achinkon.
Breeze in the early days, the glow of the wind,
There is a false alarm in all the demands.
That path suddenly crowded with all the familiar watercolors,
The unmistakable pull of the soft cotton, the adventurous feel.
That verse of the day was not written even today,
Neutral will not have the slightest pain and can be sold.
The agility of cloudiness is overwhelming with agility
The lonely chest of mountains is secluded in captivity.
Are all the stories of that silent mind recognized today?
Or is the sesquiol the color of the year’s dark sore.
Episode of sweetness in the humidity of tears,
The water droplets drop in the path of the bison.
The Maya of the season, the winding path of the season
Take the sail and swear by the void.
The thunderbolt cloudiness covers you two
Sleepy songs are now on the other side.
In a closed noon, she went to a humble heart, pillowcapped
Where is the warmth of the cloud and she is desolate?
Today, she is in a state of despair, looking around her;
Abramhakha is the secret happiness of saudamini in the cloud state.

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