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Mohammad Zahid Hossain
About the birth of blood in our courtyard
Otherwise, one day I will tell you again from the beginning.
I’ll tell you more about the smooth soil of our yard,
Even the white rose tree that was planted at the end of the yard.
But the huge teak tree knew for sure
At least his name seems to be ours …..
So I’ll name him “Don’t Remember”.
And one winter dew drops by the familiar road on a sunny morning,
I will name myself in your heart
Since then I will call you by the name of the way back home and every day
You do not come in the name given to me
If you do not respond,
I will also give him a wonderful name “Wait”.

Writing style: prose poem
Date of writing: 1-5-2019
Post Date: 1-5-2019
All rights reserved by the author

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