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 ♦A bad story♦

Mohammad Zahid Hossain


‘All right!’ The minister shouted in exclamation.
‘All right, the country is like a corpse.
Banks who spoke about the dam,
let’s see their faces this time, whether
they have seen a quieter and more pleasant crowd than they have ever seen before?
Words, the shot at the peace,
the on phuliyechi muscle,
indigenous medicinal Who, Who, or foreigner,
an hour determining, himcariye took all gumaghare,
the nihsbare again, the language can not give someone
in Dighi the least somewhere No The wave.
All right ‘The
minister’s cloud rose on Guru Guru’s meeting.

One voice minimized and said,
“Yeah, I mean .. whatever comes in the ear, doesn’t match that.”
I have heard closed schools, people are not going to work,
and not of land, so some days ago, some people were murdered
, why not see the eyes of the world as they say? ‘

‘Who says that?’
The minister’s eyes flashed,
‘Who is he, yet did not mean that the day has come?
If the speech is interrupted again, I will
send the payroll , the government will be allowed to breathe.
Who wants to say that? ‘

No one says, only long to long breaths can be heard.

The minister said again, ‘What I was saying was, the
state honor will not be auctioned. Whoever goes against her,
who will disobey my words,
anyway she will be silenced, I will cover everything in need.
I want peace I want cool
If the cloop is stuck in all the blowing faces, then the sign is so.
Those who bow down, who live happily,
will stand in the stands,
someone will take the gun, some take it another way,
it is clear that there is no boredom inside me.
As you see now, the
tongue of someone moving, Serena pen,
all right! North-east or west,
everything in the country is exactly the same. ‘

Clap Clap Everyone stands up, laughs at the King’s meeting!

Suddenly the crazy one, like a madman, raises three-colored flags.
cheered the flag and he shouted on the highway, “All hay jhut, all hay jhooooooot …”

The sound of a bullet, Mossmos walking, military boots ..

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