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Please share something/anything good and positive with me bookworms…
I have been staring at my feed trying to decide where to proceed. I finally got some pictures taken and have plenty of things to share but my inner struggle is real! So I would love to hear some of your positive thoughts, stories or whatever you’d like to share! They are welcomed and much needed! My positive thing to share is that, my husband and I were laying together on the couch watching tv and both of my little ones came over and piled on top of us… for one blissful moment I just thought about how happy and blessed I am to have this family that I love so much and honestly don’t mind being quarantined with!
Thank you so much to @novelteatins for sending me both of these canisters of loose leaf tea! Their tea blends are so delicious! Tea and coffee are definitely helping me through these days of quarantine!
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