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Fans can expect Whole Lotta Red to be a lengthy album, according to a source close to Playboi Carti.

On Wednesday (April 29), a fan pieced together a portion of the Carti puzzle via a Reddit post after an Instagram page titled 2900legion shared an IG Live video that is said to be the rapper’s hairstylist Rhonnie Lee. In the clip, she claimed that the Atlanta native will be delivering an 18-track album.

“We didn’t shoot the album cover,” the video began. “I thought that the one cover that he just released the other day with him, the black background and him in all back and shit that’s just the single. We haven’t shot his official album cover with like, all 18 songs on it yet. That’s what he was calling me about the other day.”

album cover being shot soon and 18 songs on wlr from r/playboicarti

This is one of many clues that lead fans to believe Playboi will one day unearth the long-awaited LP. Most recently, another Redditt user named Kryptonboi noticed leaks of Carti’s music had randomly begun to disappear from the internet around the same time, he promoted the artwork for “@ Meh.”

While it’s unclear if Lee is referring to WLR or some other unknown project, an 18-song LP is more than likely on the way and can be expected in the next coming weeks or months.

Fans have been waiting on Whole Lotta Red since 2018 when Playboi Carti initially announced the album’s existence, but track leaks and delays have pushed the album back for nearly two years. Nonetheless, things finally seem to be looking up with hints from Carti and those around him suggesting something is soon to come.

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