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Our Social Distance

Stay away and be my love

We’re so close together when we’re so far apart

I take solitary walks with multitudes

I talk to myself but mostly I hear your voice

We follow each other at a distance

Songs ring down empty dark Italian streets

Windows of all the apartments fill with harmonies

Woody Guthrie is already singing the Rambling Virus Blues

Bach has written a new version of the Corona Variations

I can hear music winding through all the avenues

But there’s no guitar and no piano in sight

We’re all alone with each other

Keep your distance and make happy sex

Dance with each other in different continents

Everyone can be magnanimous and fart

And what our neighbors don’t know won’t hurt them

Let me be kind to you by way of Internet

Swimming through our brains

All alone we can open our doors

Yet keep far away from each other

As far as any of us can spit

So keep your distance and be close

Speak splendid poems and deeper wit

Stay away and be my love

Hilton Obenzinger

March 13, 2020


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