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The world of DJing changes almost yearly with the advent of new hardware and software to bring tools and technical performance to new heights. What’s exciting (finally) is that we are seeing the days of the lazy “EDM” DJ starting to whither and the demand to be technically proficient and innovative is on a meteoric rise, it’s almost too much.

The tools on today’s mixers, players, and software have enabled DJs to move into more of a hybrid of live artistry than your traditional track to track DJs of yore, and that is exciting on many levels both as a performer and a fan.

With the slick sync features and ease of beat matching on today’s digital gear, the once-great feat of an extended 32 bar mix is considered basic in today’s DJing wheelhouse. So what happened? DJs started to get bored, and then that collided with the short attention span of the EDM newbies, all ravenously chewing on their faces waiting for “the drop” as if they were on an hour-long roller coaster ride. DJs used cue points to get to all the builds and drops in the tracks; songs became shorter, and so did DJ sets.

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