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Online shopping is another name in today’s world because it makes life simple and easy but one question always arises in the mind of every buyer that why online shopping products are cheaper than market rate. Online shopping not only save your time and effort it even saves your money this question is always arise in the mind that how is it possible that same product is selling cheaper online and costlier offline. Retailers or sellers don’t need brick and mortar stores to create their shop and sell it from the time 9 to 9. They are free to sell their products 24/7 and 365 days without paying any extra cost of the shop. They can easily sell over the world without having any physical Store. This all-time service makes their selling process so easy and profitable which is the first reason that they can sell products at cheaper rate and keeping good profit in their pocket.

How it’s happening?

The process of making a product is like starting from the manufacturer then to distributor to the trader and then it reaches to the seller, this long process always increases the cost of the product due to which buyer gets the material on the higher price. The difference between the cost price and the selling price is always huge if seller sell it offline. Online shopping strategy helps manufacturers in selling their products directly to the buyers and the benefit comes to both the parties. In this case manufacturer can keep a good margin and buyer even after that getting the product in a very cheap rate. Seller need not to have any fancy shop on which he has to spend a huge money on electricity, fixtures, maintenance, keeping inventory maintenance saves all the margin of the retailer from the product. Sellers are importing the materials directly from china or other countries and divide their freights in them equally in the cost of every product, even after that they can easily sell products on cheaper rate.

Stay Aware

It also has to be taken in consideration that all cheap materials are not good, always be cautious about from where you are buying. These days so many fraud cases come into the knowledge. Always buy from the reliable e-
commerce platform, specially where the websites are SSL certified. Seeing the cheaper price attracts the customer and initiate the process of purchasing but in this hurry, they forget to check the credentials of the website and they share their credit or debit card details unsafely. So, always stay aware about the website from where you are buying in the return of cheaper product. Online shopping is having its own benefits, not only making life easy it adding more money to your saving accounts. Website our offering time to time heavy discounts, and offer coupon to the buyers. These offers and discounts are not only limited for any particular day, they are coming all over the year.
Stay at home and keep shopping and enjoy the benefits!!

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