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Is it online shopping safe? This question came into the mind of every buyer when they are buying the first time from any online portal. It is very natural to think or ask when especially we are paying in advance. There are so many daily stories about online fraudsters and hackers in the newspapers, but the reality is that cyber criminals are less likely to get control over your credit card details over the internet then, and they are over the phone. Definitely online shopping requires an extra measure of vigilance for the buyer’s safety.

online shop

Online shopping choice of many

Online shopping definitely has its own pros, and cons but with its great perks, its convenience they are so much of heavy discounts at your fingertips and of course you get to avoid all the hassle of shopping in stores like long queues, parking space, overcrowded, etc. So, it’s not difficult to understand why most people choose to shop online because it makes our life in easy and comfort. The latest designs are mind-boggling. The shopping is secure. Shipping is fast. Even returns options are there and easy to afford. Shopping was never even been so easy for the consumers.

Keep in mind for safe shopping

• First thing always keeps in mind that you should buy from the familiar websites from which your friends, your family or any known buy earlier. • Secondly, you can check their reports online, by reading about customer reviews, you can check their followers on Facebook Instagram and their ratings you can check on Google and you can check on some website where you get to know they are verified website or not. • One of the most important things which are actually technical, but you can check it on the website, you have seen the URL always starts with HTTP if it’s with HTTPS an icon of lock Padlock will appear it is much considered the as safe site. SSL (SECURE SOCKET LAYERS) certified sites are more reliable and consider as safe. • At the time of the transaction, it always good to use your private network that is more trustable and safer.

• Most of the sites these days are offering the services of cash on delivery which is COD if you feel insecure while paying a cash in advance for a fear of losing your cash from your account, it’s better to opt this facility for buying any of the products online this gives you the safety of your card as well as you get the assurance after collecting the material and then you can easily pay them through cash. • At last, I submit Online shopping is more accepted these because of its convenience and huge variety on one single screen. It’s good to do complete research about the website, the way you research the thing you want to buy and use the security measures which are mentioned above and enjoy the shopping safely.

Happy online shopping guys!!

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