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A natural way of going about the state of existence that which at once also serves as one of the most basic forms of exercise while being a mode of commute and therefore one of functionality, walking is something all able bodied humans and animals come to develop as an innate yet learned skill early on in life. Apart from the essential function of it to help us go the distance and traverse the world and so on and so forth, albeit in all its accompanying limitations arising from the physical thresholds of many a factors, walking is encouraged as a routine to adhere to even in the times of today where we can very possibly go about with our day, at least a continuous 24 hours without feeling the necessity to set foot on the ground. That is indeed because of the many benefits that the action of walking brings upon us, impacting everything from basic sustenance and core health to more advanced physical complications and related issues. But while the norm we know and follow and learn is indeed to walk in the way that all living organisms do, by putting one foot after the other so that we move forward, it is quite surprising that walking backwards, or what is known as reverse or retro walking or retro pedaling is also another alternative mode of this action that can be relied on primarily for its more wholesome benefits for the individual. By simply being a more conscious mode of walking, reverse walking tends to be more beneficial for the human body that however needs to be of course practised with more awareness about safety since it isn’t the most natural of the walking trails embarked upon by any living organism.

And yet, despite it being indeed somewhat eccentric a practice to match steps with, reverse walking is not any modern health fad propagated by some fitness enthusiast or medical guru forever on the lookout for eking out a trend of their own that would catch up with the masses. Walking backwards in fact is quite an exercise rooted in tradition, as traditional Chinese medicine has been known to long ‘prescribe’ this form of exerting the legs for the range of physical and mental benefits it endows upon the individual. The Chinese belief that walking a hundred steps backwards is equivalent to taking a thousand steps forwards, emphasising the enormous way in which this alternative mode of walking can come to impact upon human health. Also closely associated with Chinese philosophical and religious principles is reverse walking, believed to help restore the balance of life energy or life force, or what is known as Qui while helping with spiritual wellness. No wonder that with such holistic benefits that retro walking encompasses, it has emerged to assume importance in the ever more enthusiastically aware world of the present times.

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