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The unique Nomadic SARLAG messenger bag is made using SARLAG (Yak) leather, which is three times tougher than cow hides thanks to the extreme Mongolian weather, yet is as soft as moose leather.Designed and constructed by Mongolian entrepreneur and adventurer Davaadash ADIYA, the messenger bag is now available for a limited time via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from €180.

Nomadic SARLAG messenger bag

“I am a ordinary Mongolian citizen. My parents were nomads and they have lived in a western part of the Mongolia. Early 1960s, they starting to live in a capital. My father often tells me that we have a lot of animals like camels, sheep, horses and yaks. Finally, they gave all animals to the state for free before to go to the capital, the time we were under Soviet regime. Sadly, as I am an urban child, our previous life sounds like old story and we forget them from year to year.”

“The Mongolian yak lives at an altitude of 3000 meters. At such an altitude, temperatures can vary considerably and can be extremely low (-40 ° c to -50 ° c). Ordinary animals cannot survive this high temperature. The compact hide of the SARLAG (yak) protects the animal against these extreme temperatures and this makes the leather very strong and durable. Due to the Mongolian weather conditions, SARLAG (yak) leather is three times tougher than cowhides, yet as soft as moose leather. Also it has great tensile strength, making it suitable for long straps.”

“Instead of working with a big international company, I decided to pursue my passion which can have an impact on the life of our nomads. This is the main reason to start a sustainable long-term project to improve the sustainable lives of herders and to reduce poverty. My wife and i certain to make a real contribution to the herders’ life taking directly naturally grown raw materials from the herders in order to produce the high-quality products locally made by our own hand and to bring them to world market. Thats why SARLAG (yak) leather products which you can not find any where in the world.”

Features of the rugged Nomadic SARLAG messenger bag include :

– YAK, which is translated in Mongolian as “SARLAG”.
– SARLAG leather is a type of leather made from the yak a found primarily in the highest regions of western Mongolia. Their natural climate is cold, resulting in a skin that is very dense.
– SARLAG leather is three times tougher than cowhides, yet as soft as moose leather.
– The harsh climates yaks live in require their skins to be very thick as it lives in an altitude of 3000 meters. It has great tensile strength, making it suitable for long straps.
– The SARLAG use pure natural grasses grown in natural soil above 3000 m altitude, so SARLAG skin is the pure ecological and natural product. In addition, you will see the scars on the SARLAG leather as it shows that they are in natural pastures of the highest mountains. Every scar tells a story about leather’s origin how they resist in harsh time to stay alive.

Source : Kickstarter

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